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  • Hokusai Says

    Hokusai Says

    I found this poem by Roger Keyes — an art historian, East Asian Studies scholar, and a poet. Despite being called “Hokusai Says,” Hokusai didn’t write it, Roger Keyes wrote it. He did so after studying and thoroughly absorbing Hokusai Katsushika’s artwork. They’re Roger’s words, but what he has taken away from the great master’s…

  • This is How it Starts

    This is How it Starts

    Happy New Year! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ This is how it starts. With a pretty blank journal, a pen, and a dream — a daunting, thrilling, not-fully-thought-out-at-all dream. But the thing has been there noodling around in my head for awhile and has recently been more a lot more boisterous, begging for my attention. At some point late last…

  • It’s Been Awhile…Alternate Title: Does Anyone Blog Anymore?

    It’s Been Awhile…Alternate Title: Does Anyone Blog Anymore?

    Follow me on Mastodon It’s been awhile 👋. Recently, Life Things have been coalescing in a way that has me itching to write on here again. I’ll talk about the one special Thing that tipped the scales a little later. But for now, I think we can all agree social media is what it is,…