I found one!

Koji Suzuki — the horror author of Ring, Spiral, and Loop to name a few — has written a new tale called “Drop” (“The Drop” in English). But this one has an interesting twist. It’s a horror story printed on toilet paper, set in a public toilet, and intended to be read while (you guessed it!) sitting on the toilet.

I love this man. (And he only lives an hour’s drive from me!)

Wait, where was I? Okay, before I begin, here’s my sexy model posing with the the first volume of the story (three rolls at three chapters per roll equals a nine chapter novella).

drop bite

In Japan a single roll is going for 210 yen, not quite two bucks with the current exchange rate. The English version is also out and can be purchased here, ten bucks for all three rolls.

I only have the first three chapters, so I’m not sure how the story progresses. But what I found curious was that Mr. Suzuki chose to write it in second person, addressing me the reader. He even went as far as to guess my age and gender — a twenty something female. Sure, I’ll take that.
Time for another picture. Dog is sleepy, no longer interested in reading gnawing on the TP.
drop covered
Okay, I won’t reveal any more of the story (heck, it might be a movie before too long). But I must say I applaud Mr. Suzuki’s gall. As authors we like to think our words are precious. We imagine someone buys our printed work, reads it and then tucks it into a bookshelf; cherishes it forever and ever. Koji Suzuki, however, wrote a story that at the end of the story is going to be fouled and then flushed.
Or maybe he’s on to something. If someone wants to re-read the story their only option is to go out and buy some more toilet paper.
Well done, Suzuki-san. Well done.
Before I go, another dog shot.
drop sleep
… fading fast … about to …. drop.
(Originally posted at Kappa no He, July 15, 2009)

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