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The Melon Princess and The Heavenly Demon

I’ve got quite a few subscribers to my blog who aren’t following me on other social media thingies, so I wanted to post a little update.

Aside from my podcast (Uncanny Japan), I have this other side hustle I’m very passionate about. That is, digging up obscure Japanese folktales, translating, retelling/reimagining them, and then recording them with cool background music. They are offered as one of the rewards for my 5$ and up Patrons.

It occurred to me, though, recently that if you weren’t a Patron, you’d have no idea what a Bedtime Story sounded like. So my Tech Guy and I decided to do one for free. This is the PG-rated version of “The Melon Princess”. The R-rated version (much more flay-y) will be available to my Patrons.

My job is the stories. I do all that mentioned above. But the audio editing, the super nitty gritty stuff that makes it sound so cool is my Tech Guy, Rich Pav. Then there is the background music, haunting and beautiful. That would be courtesy of my son, Julyan Matsuura.

If you have a few moments and some earbuds or headphones, pop those puppies in and lie down on a sofa or nearby bed, get comfortable and listen to me tell you the story of “The Melon Princess and the Heavenly Demon”.

The podcast episode that explains what the heavenly demon (amanojaku) is, is right here.

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2 responses to “The Melon Princess and The Heavenly Demon”

  1. Sayaka Nakai Avatar

    This was my daughter’s favorite bedtime story. I often fell asleep, and she shook me up, though she knows the rest of the story quite well. Her favorite was the original version. Reading it every night was no easy task for me.
    She has grown up into a college student majoring in religion and culture. I was a history archaeologist before becoming a translator. We love yokai, ghosts, and other supernatural beings and have great fun doing so. I had never imagined this when I was sick of Urikohime.

    1. Thersa Matsuura Avatar

      Sayaka, thank you so much for posting ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ. I just love this and your daughter is now majoring in religion and culture!! I wish you and the family well. These old folktales are so deep and fascinating. I wish I had more time to delve into all of them.

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