Vegetable Ice Cream?

A while back a friend gave me a heads up about two new flavors of Haagen Dazs ice cream to be released in Japan only. Woo! New ice cream! Yeah, that’s what I thought, too: green tea, red adzuki beans, maybe something mochi related.

Alas, no.icecream one

It took awhile, but I finally spotted the new creations in my local supermarket, happily bought the Spoon Veges, and took them home. One  is a tomato and cherry mix and the other a carrot and orange blend. Yep. I’m not sure what they were thinking either.


So I took one for the team and tried cream two

Note: I’m not a tomato person. Tomato sauces I’m okay with but not anything too tomato-y.  If you know what I mean. I’m likely to run screaming if anyone presents me with a nice hunk of a slice of the red fruit and asks me to take a bite. But I must admit I was pleasantly pleased with the tomato-cherry ice cream. It had this vague sweetish, acidic “red” taste. Not cream three


Now, the carrot-orange one, that was another story. I *do* like carrots and oranges, but this one was all kinds of wrong. Just too carrot-y, not enough orange-y. Not sure if they just picked a fruit and a vegetable that were the same color and put them together or what, but this one didn’t do it for me.

All that said, they’re still be sold which means someone’s buying them. I assume. I think, however, I’ll stick to something chocolate or green tea or anything with mint in it. I’ll have my vegetables with me meal, thank you.

2 responses to “Vegetable Ice Cream?”

  1. Bryon Brunkow Avatar
    Bryon Brunkow

    I like carrots. I like oranges. I like tomatoes. I like cherries. I like ice cream.
    I like strawberry cheesecake ice cream.

    1. Thersa Matsuura Avatar
      Thersa Matsuura

      Bryon, exactly! That’s the way it should be. None of this mixing up non ice cream flavors into the cold stuff.

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